Tuesday, June 28, 2005

¡Al mejor postor!

Parece que si hay al menos un operador interesado en la venta de Aeroméxico y Mexicana. No hay muchos que tengan la capacidad financiera en esta competitiva industria afectada por altos precios de petróleo.

Mas sorprendente aún que sea Iberia. ¿Habrán aprendido de su historia en Latinoamérica?

Iberia Airlines, the Spanish flag-carrier, is considering taking a stake in at least one of the state-rescued Mexican airlines as part of a strategy to develop new revenue streams in Latin America, its most important long-haul market. Company officials have confirmed their interest in the sales by Cintra, holding company for the airlines, although it is understood there are reservations about some of the conditions set out by the Mexican government. Iberia would be looking for full management control and assurances against political meddling in the operation of the airlines. The Spanish group has seen margins squeezed in recent years by intense competition from low-cost operators. This, coupled with the opening of the domestic market to competition and surging fuel prices, has forced the company to rethink its strategy for long-term growth. Angel Mullor, general manager, has warned that Iberia could dive into loss over the next three years if it fails to find about €600m ($725m) in savings and fresh revenues. Management is looking to freeze pay among its 25,000-strong workforce, although negotiations with pilots unions have stalled..... By Mark Mulligan in Madrid, Financial Times, Published June 27 2005 03:00