Wednesday, June 29, 2005

GE apuesta por energía no contaminante

Para poner en contexto 1.25 B euros es
- aproximadamente un 50% del presupuesto actual de I+D de GE
- más que la suma de la inversión en I+D de Shell y Exxon
- más que el presupuesto de empresas intensivas en I+D como 3M, United Technologies, Volvo, Lockheed, Sanyo, LG, Caterpillar, ....
A consistent policy on cleaner energy by J. Immelt: "...Diminishing oil and natural gas reserves, continued reliance on imported and sometimes unstable energy sources, price volatility and global climate concerns demand that we do so. It will require three elements: the brain-power to develop new technologies, a market that is open to these technologies, and the wills of our elected leaders, those in industry and those committed to progress.
It will take work to gather these elements together but the prospect of success is growing. Since the 1990s, innovations in dramatically cleaner energy have emerged, not just in the US and Europe but in China, India and elsewhere. Their common denominator has been a target of higher efficiency, lower cost and fewer emissions such as that found in cleaner coal applications that could shave millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from current emissions levels.
As this formula is followed and these technologies take hold, we enhance our potential to succeed, but a viable market must exist. Encouraging signs of such growth are emerging, in companies themselves but also in the capital markets.
In June alone, two of Silicon Valley's top venture firms invested nearly euros 33m ($40m) in solar energy companies. While such clean tech investment represented just 2.6 per cent of overall venture capital in 2004, that is double the level of 2000. In a recovering capital market, these numbers show that we are crossing the threshold where solving energy and environmental problems is the profitable thing to do as well as the right one and - where fewer pounds of emissions can mean more pounds on the bottom line.
General Electric is putting its money where its mouth is. We have committed to doubling annual investment in clean energy technology research and development to euros 1.25bn...."