Thursday, June 30, 2005

Las mujeres y los niños primero

El CEO de GM debe tener uno de los puestos más ingratos de los corporativos norteamericanos. Amplias diferencias de productividad y calidad con Toyota, agravados por pesadas cargas previsionales y de salud con sus empleados. La separación de GMAC parece un paso en el sentido correcto, mejora la evaluación de crédito pero también separa sus activos para colocarse en una situación de choque con los sindicatos.

FT.com – Wagoner’s patience wears thin: "Rick Wagoner has a reputation as a patient, methodical manager who is not easily provoked.

On Tuesday, General Motors' chairman and chief executive showed a more forceful streak, in particular, that his patience with the United Auto Workers union over GM's spiralling healthcare bill was wearing thin.
Mr Wagoner, who took personal charge of GM's loss-making North American operations earlier this year, told the annual meeting that, whether or not the carmaker can reach agreement with the UAW, "it is crystal clear that we need to achieve a significant reduction in our healthcare cost disadvantage, and to do so promptly".
GM may be on the verge of other momentous moves, judging by Mr Wagoner's remarks.
He disclosed that the carmaker was in the throes of a detailed study of "the strategic options that are available to us" on the future of its giant financing arm, General Motors Acceptance Corporation.
Analysts have taken this to mean that GM may soon put part of its stake in GMAC up for sale, with the aim not only of raising money for the parent, but enabling the finance company to enjoy a higher credit rating and thus lower borrowing costs than the carmaker."