Friday, July 01, 2005

Boots': ¿Farmacia o Tienda de Conveniencia?

From PlanMaestro to Farmacias: Cuidado con sobrextenderse en el modelo de tienda de conveniencia. Los Hipermercados, tiendas de conveniencia y tiendas de departamentos están al acecho. Hay que cuidar mucho el negocio de venta de remedios "detrás de un mesón"

FT.com Boots' boss goes in search of a remedy:
"At one end of the market, it is under attack from the supermarkets, who are using their giant buying power to snatch market share in basic toiletries. Tesco's share of the UK toiletries market has been climbing and is now on par with Boots at 20 per cent while Boots' share has fallen from about 25 per cent over the past decade.
At the higher end of the market, the department stores and specialist boutiques are better able to offer the personal advice that those buying more expensive products demand. "This is not a badly broken business," says the former Asda executive. "This is an extremely profitable company and it is not crashed and broken on the runway. We just made 10 per cent profit on sales, competing with the likes of Tesco and Asda, and that's after a €200m price investment and €140m of other investments"