Friday, July 08, 2005

Burbujita o Burbujota

El Reino Unido puede dar una idea del posible impacto de un fin de la burbuja especulativa en EEUU al enfrentar primero sus efectos:

FT.com / World - Week in economics: UK housing market continues to limp:

"in a week with little important economic data, housing figures were even more prominent than usual. The Halifax, Britain's largest mortgage lender, produced its price index, showing a rise of just 0.1 per cent over the month in June. This gave an annual increase of 3.7 per cent - the smallest gain since March 2001.

Prices have risen in three months this year and fell in the other three, leading to a net monthly gain of only a tenth of a percent. The price of the average British house is now 162,605 pounds compared to 162,411 in May....

..."The measured retreat in the housing market continues and we expect by the early autumn that annual price growth will have dipped into the red for the first time since the mid-1990s," said Paul Guest, an analyst at Economy.com, aconsultancy. "Annual house price growth last month fell below annual earnings growth for the first time in almost 4 years in June. As this trend is expected to continue through the remainder of the year, the price to earnings should come down and boost affordability, particularly among first time buyers.""

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