Sunday, July 17, 2005


I am reassessing the tools and materials of this endevour after two weeks of blogging. It will take a week before coming back on July 25 with new material and posibly a new site. Things I have learned:

  • Blogger: I have not been comfortable with its posting tools. It is slow and complicated when you have several links (Like this post!). It is great that is free, but I was expecting something easier to use since it is owned by Google.
  • Other Tools: I will test Ecto for editing and WordPress for publishing, and also look for some hosting. MIT seems to great tools for alumnis and I will test them too
  • Bloglines: Great tool but I have to reduce the number of links and prioritize . They are more than 100 at this moment, and they are taking more than 2 hours just to read them.
  • Language: You have probably noticed than I have been mixing posts in english and spanish (and even some in spanglish). However, it looks like material in spanish will have to wait. The angle on business issues that affect latin America stays though.
  • Material: I will try to leave less but more insightful posts. At least one every two days, mixed with references to other sites interesting notes
  • Del.i.cious: I am waisting to much time saving material on the web that is of interest. It looks that del.i.cious is a fast tool to the same.
  • Comments: I have to leave some time to leave comments in other sites. Too much time reading has been a drag, specially when you have a full-time job ... uf. However, what is the use of this if you do not become part of a community.
Any comments and advised will be REALLY, REALLY apreciated. I am new at this and without any tutoring. Cheers!

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