Friday, July 01, 2005

Jaws 2005

¿Spielberg saving the movie industry again?

FT.com / Comment & analysis - Observer - US: "Tinseltown trials
Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, whichopened on Wednesday, may help Hollywood decide whether the current box office slump is simply the result of an uninteresting slate of films or something far worse.
After 18 weeks of declining box office receipts, the film industry is asking whether audiences are giving up on the cinema in favour of watching DVDs or playing video games at home. Films that might have been blockbusters in summers past, such as Batman Begins, have not been able to end Hollywood's losing streak. As a result, cinema chains are getting creative. AMC, the theatre chain, is offering rebates to anyone who sees Cinderella Man - the Ron Howard film that has had an underwhelming run - and dislikes it. 'We believe so strongly that you'll enjoy Cinderella Man, we're offering a Money Back Guarantee,' the advertisement says. For AMC's sake, Observer hopes its customers are an honest lot.
War of the Worlds has a few things on its side: it got decent-to-good reviews, with critics lavishing praise on its special effects. It has the Spielberg name and Tom Cruise as its star, though it is anyone's guess whether the actor's behaviour of late will draw audiences in or keep them away. "