Friday, July 08, 2005

Mala Organización en el Ajedrez: Parte I

Los tenistas tienen la Asociación de Tenistas Profesionales (ATP), el fútbol la Federación Internacional de Fútbol Asociado (FIFA), el fútbol americano la National Football League (NFL),

¿Los ajedrecistas? Caos con C mayúscula:

1. Al menos 5 jugadores claman ser el campeón del mundo
2. FIDE (federación internacional de ajedrez) no logra tener un ciclo que de credibilidad
3. Las federaciones locales no se logran financiar
4. ¿Los organizadores de torneos? quién mejor que Michael Greengard aka MIG: para describir la situación:

The Daily Dirt Chess Blog: Dortmund's Folly?:
"The Dortmund supertournament starts today. They have already made news by canceling live internet broadcasting of the games. Chess fans have been spoiled by free live broadcasts at a wide variety of locations for years. Far more people watch rebroadcasts at Playchess.com and the ICC than at the official sites. It would almost be nice if they could reserve rights to the broadcast of moves and use these for sponsorship, but they can't.

Free broadcasts provide general PR for the event, but little or nothing for the sponsors of the event, unless, as in Linares and Dortmund, the town itself is one of the sponsors and name recognition is a factor. Two-thirds of international news entries containing 'Dortmund' are about the big Borussia Dortmund football team. And only bullfight fanatics knew about Linares.

Unless the organizers feel they are gaining something from a live broadcast, why pay for one? Well, the costs are minimal (zero, since Playchess would do it) and goodwill in the chess community is a pretty good reason, you would think. The reason they gave for the cancelation, to attract more visitors to the tournament, sounds ridiculous. The games are available online right after the round. Do they think people are so excited at the prospect of watching live chess they will leave their homes and go to Dortmund when they can't watch live online? Maybe a few dozen people who live in the area would do this, tops. Nobody is coming from abroad based on this change, especially since they announced it just days before the first round.

The rest of the world will be annoyed, and will realize that waiting a few hours to see the games isn't a tragedy. Most fans never watch live anyway, but they are the most dedicated, passionate group around. You want to keep them happy and leverage that pass"