Tuesday, July 19, 2005

MSN Search increasing market share

MSN Search gaining market share! Already with a 15.7% and slowly climbing, seems as if search is no a winner-takes-all industry. The two big questions are:
  • What does Longhorn know about search?
  • When are we going to see it?

Google still has tremendous share of pay-per-click advertising, but a lot depends on how much time it has to build a beachhead for other sources of revenue.

Search engine market shares in June 2005: Google - 36.9%, Yahoo! - 30.4%, MSN - 15.7% Your Daily Research Synopsis ZDNet.com:

Google's market share of US searches for June 2005 was at 36.9% compared with 37.5% in May 2005. Yahoo! had a 30.4% share, and MSN had a share of 15.7%. Bear Stearns noted that Google's query volume rose 36% YTY versus a 28% increase for the industry, outpacing Yahoo!'s 32% increase but trailing MSN's 42% increase. Month-to-month, Google's query volume declined 6%, which compares with a 4% decline for Yahoo!, a 1% decline for MSN, a 4% decline for AOL, and a 7% decline for Ask Jeeves. In Q2 2005 unique searchers versus Q2 2004 increased 31% for Google, 21% for Yahoo, and 14% for the industry, while the number of searches in Q2 2005 increased 38% for Google, 42% for Yahoo, and 31% for the industry. "

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