Monday, July 11, 2005

New Coke cumpliría hoy 20 años

A 20 años de la mayor catástrofe del marketing... que no fue catástrofe. Con el tiempo la historia se olvida y los ganadores la tergiversan. Hay quien lo vende como un hábil reposicionamiento de la cansada imagen de Coca-Cola.

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FT.com : Published: July 10 2005 18:45

Good marketing ploys can be like a bitter pill, with the sugar coating on the inside. Within that genre, Coca-Cola pulled off probably the greatest marketing stunt ever exactly 20 years ago. For much of the 1980s, the drinks company had been running out of fizz. By 1985, it seemed entirely plausible that it would lose the Cola wars to challenger PepsiCo.

Coke was in a bind. It had a well-known, but tired product, which consumers found hard to swallow, according to blind taste tests. Pepsi, as the underdog, also had the sympathy vote. Coke's risky but brilliant response? It introduced its own new concoction, with a taste eerily similar to its rival's.

Within weeks, consumers across the US were screaming for the return of the real thing. Coke duly revived its old formula as Coca-Cola Classic. Two years on, new Coke had almost vanished. But the sight of mighty Coca-Cola giving in to humble Americans, paired with the free publicity, boosted the Classic brand for the rest of the decade just as its marketers had always envisioned. Or so the business school case study might one day teach. Business gurus, after all, are notoriously fond of rationalising after the event. In fact, Coke was taken as much by surprise as everyone else...
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